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The team of V-pharm guarantees the high quality of the offered services, accurate processing of requests, correct documents, individual approach to every customer, non-stop online request submission. The employees of V-pharm are always polite and helpful, ready to answer any question you may have and which is within the scope of their competence. We will consider your needs and offer the most convenient way in which to provide our services.

Product category

e OTC products

Medicinal products classified by the Bulgarian Drug Agency as OTC products are products which patients can buy without a prescription given by a physician (non-prescription)….

e cosmetic products

Here you can see the cosmetic products offered by V-pharm.
Cosmetic products refer to substances or mixtures which are intended to be placed in contact with any of the external parts of the human body – epidermis, hair and hair- covered areas, nails, lips, external genital organs…

e food supplements

In this section of the catalogue you will find high quality food additives which are well-known on the pharmaceuticals market and are offered and delivered by V-pharm.
Food additives have become an integral part of modern medicine and have been prescribed by most physicians…

e food additivies

Here you can see the additives to foodstuffs offered by V-pharm. Food additives refer to all substances which are not typical ingredients of foodstuffs (regardless of their nutritional value), which are added intentionally to foodstuffs in the process of production, transportation…

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About us

V-pharm AD Veliko Tarnovo has been established with the purpose of wholesale trading with medicinal and non-medicinal products and with the intention to offer more competitive prices in comparison to the principal distributors of medicines on Bulgarian market. Our main approach is to negotiate low prices with the manufacturers and to impose minimum surplus charges on the products we distribute.
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