e Food Additivies

Here you can see the additives to foodstuffs offered by V-pharm. Food additives refer to all substances which are not typical ingredients of foodstuffs (regardless of their nutritional value), which are added intentionally to foodstuffs in the process of production, transportation, packaging, processing or storage and which make these substances become directly or indirectly ingredients of such foodstuffs.

Salicylic acid VТ 20g

In food industry Salicylic acid is used as preservative in marmalades, jellies, confitures and vegetables. It is widely used in cosmetics too. Due to its exfoliating properties, Salicylic acid is commonly used in various cosmetic products such as shower gels, creams, facial cleansing products, shampoos, etc.

Sodium Benzoate VТ 50g

Sodium benzoate (Е 211) is a common type of preservative used in food industry due to its antifungal and bactericidal effect. It stops the fermentation process of marmalades, jams, fruit juices, yogurts and other types of fruit products. It also stops the fermentation process of sauerkraut /pickled cabbage/.



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